5 Places to Bring your Chair this Summer

So, summer is officially rolling: the kids are going to camp, there’s iced tea or lemonade on the counter and we’re all spending more time outside. But summer is a time to make meaningful with a special trip. Here are our 5 favorite places to bring our chairs during the Summer months: The Beach Of course, everyone’s favorite […]

Beach Time!

It’s summer. Time to go to that perfect barbecue or to get yourself on the highway to head to the most revered of all summer destinations. Where that might be, you ask? The grand canyon? Florida? Well, maybe we’re thinking a little bit less specific. We’re talking about the beach, of course! Who doesn’t like spending a good […]

“Back to Stool” ;-D in August

Stools are lightweight, portable, and always handy to keep near when working or playing. While chairs are for “parking it”, stools are considered more for on the go or stop and go activity. They are commonly used in museums, galleries, and tours, where they are generally offered by the venue to use while “browsing”, but must be returned […]

An Exciting New Idea To Revive the Old Reunion

5 Tips for Throwing a Family Reunion Camping Trip: A campsite offers an affordable and exciting environment where there are plenty of activities for kids and adults alike to learn, exercise, and have a great time bonding in the outdoors. Here are a few tips for holding a camping family reunion. 1. Plan ahead! Did you know that most […]

More than Chairs!

The name of our company is Everywhere Chair and yes we specialize in chairs, specifically chairs you can take with you to any event or place you would like. But I bet you didn’t know chairs are not the only thing we sell. I thought since Christmas is right around the corner now would be a good time to […]