So, summer is officially rolling: the kids are going to camp, there’s iced tea or lemonade on the counter and we’re all spending more time outside. But summer is a time to make meaningful with a special trip. Here are our 5 favorite places to bring our chairs during the Summer months:

  1. The Beach

Of course, everyone’s favorite summer trip…well, maybe not everyone’s… but, certainly ours! What’s better than lounging at the beach with the kids, watching the clouds roll by and getting out on the waves? When you’re hitting the beach check out our web store for everything you need. We’ve got beach goodies by the dozens: umbrellas, cell phone pouches and some pretty nifty beach chairs, if we don’t say so, ourselves. Enjoy watching the little ones skim board or boogie board from the comfort of one of our amazing beach chairs. 

       2. An Outdoor Movie

Is this a bygone era? Certainly not completely! Though the drive-in era is over and they are less in vogue than they once were, outdoor movies are a great place to bring your family (and your chair!). From cult classics to family favorites, who doesn’t like a night outside under an open sky with your favorite Hollywood stars and your family all together? Some of our chairs have 4+ reclining positions so you can customize your seating experience to meet your own physical needs!

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      3. The campground

Did you that in the U.S. and Canada there are 13,000 public campgrounds. Save some money, skip the hotel and get back to your roots! Spending time outside at a campground can be a great way to relax and unwind from your busy schedule. Some campgrounds have swimming holes and some have fire pits that you can cook out in. Make sure the bears don’t get your pic-a-nic basket! 😉

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      4. Family Reunions

What’s better than getting together with family that has moved far away? When you’re loading up the station wagon, don’t forget to pack a few folding chairs to plop down on the lawn at Uncle Ryley’s! He’s gonna get tired while he’s grilling hamburger patties for 20+ people! Uh-oh! The hamburgers are getting burned! Time to get off that chair and back to the grill!

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      5. Sporting events

Let’s go ______!!! (Insert your team’s name here). We offer personalized embroidered and imprinted chairs so you can put your favorite team or player’s name on them. Catch your kids baseball game or bring a chair to tailgate for your favorite MLB or NFL team!

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