It’s summer. Time to go to that perfect barbecue or to get yourself on the highway to head to the most revered of all summer destinations. Where that might be, you ask? The grand canyon? Florida? Well, maybe we’re thinking a little bit less specific. We’re talking about the beach, of course! Who doesn’t like spending a good chunk of time staring at the sea with loved ones frolicking around you? And besides the obvious fun of getting to spend some quality time with friends and family, going to the beach is also good for you! Did you know that there are numerous documented benefits to spending time in salt water AND to taking vacations. Both reduce stress. …AND swimming in cold salt water can help your immune system. But the truth is, when we go on a road trip we all like to be comfy in addition to being healthy. That’s where we come in. We have some of the most comfortable beach chairs to bring on your week of rejuvenation. 

Among our summer options is the RIO 4-Position Deluxe Lace-Up Aluminum Backup Chair. It’s comfortable, not just when you’ve planted yourself down on the coast, but also while you’re walking from the car to the sand. It’s got backpack straps that make taking it out there easy! When your hands are full of picnic bags and beach toys, something like a backpack chair can go a long way! Along with that, we’ve got the Breeze Beach Chair (also by RIO). It’s sure to be a great companion to the 4-position, and luckily for you, all of these items are on sale! Furthermore, both of these items can be imprinted with a small message of your choice for a small fee. As a small-town family business, at Everywhere Chair we understand the time that our customers and employees get to spend with their families is so important…and if it’s a beach trip, even better! So please, when you’re thinking of that trip to the beach this Summer remember that you’re shopping with a company that cares! We’ve got good deals and good people!


Have a great Summer! See you at the beach!

– The Everywhere Chair Team