Stools are lightweight, portable, and always handy to keep near when working or playing. While chairs are for “parking it”, stools are considered more for on the go or stop and go activity. They are commonly used in museums, galleries, and tours, where they are generally offered by the venue to use while “browsing”, but must be returned when done. You know the kind.. If these active pursuits of aesthetics are your cup of tea, you may want to purchase your own stool. Also, think gardening, sewing, these other activities that require a stool, not necessarily a chair. Most stools fold for easy storage, so they don’t have to be a constant part of your decor. We offer a variety of these handy half-chairs 😉 Different stools for different needs; here’s how to choose your best stool.

The first thing that sets stools apart is whether they have backs or not. This choice is a matter of personal preference; most stools that have a back will not have so much of one as to be a chair. The back of a stool is not meant for strong support or to lean back in, rather just a bit of back cushion if you prefer it. Generally, stools with backs will sit a little bit deeper than those without. Another difference in stools is their design, whether they are tripods or have 4 legs. Tripods are sometimes lighter but are not as steady as their 4 legged counterparts.

The important thing to consider when choosing the right stool is its height. Much like you would consider the height of a chair, from the seat to the ground, consider stools a little lower; or if you prefer, select a height that’s easy to get on and off of. It’s all in what you need your stool for, and so the height is the best place to begin.

Then of course there is the weight of your stool that determines its overall portability. Is it easily carried from one spot to the next, or would it be cumbersome and wearying? The weight of the stool makes all the difference if you need portability. Lighter materials, like aluminum frames and nylon fabrics, make the stool easier to transport while on foot. (See our Sport Seat here) However, aluminum, while sturdy, is not as heavy duty as a steel frame, with perhaps a canvas seat. Consider this when choosing the right stool for the right activity. Most stools with steel frames, the more heavy duty ones, will come with a carry strap. We suggest the carry strap if you need heavy duty portability.

(Click here for our steel frame Quik-E Seat)

Stools are great accessories for many of our activities. They provide rest and comfort on the go, an anywhere spot for reflection, or that handy tool that puts you at just the right spot for your project then folds neatly away til next time. They are great for the outdoors and perfect for indoors too. Must haves for camping, great for fishing and boating too! Remember these few criteria and you are sure to get the best stool for the best price, here at EverywhereChair.Com!

The Sidewinder by TravelChair