Quad Chairs, or otherwise known as “Chair in a Bag,” are the ideals chairs for any occasion. The durable strength and supreme comfort of these chairs give you everything you need in support and luxury. The easy fold up designs are easy to store away or transport from location to location. No matter if you are enjoying these chairs around the pool with family, or having a relaxing afternoon in the park, your sitting needs will be fulfilled with these quad chairs.

The Indestructible Antarctic Chair by TravelChair started as a project to provide researchers in Antarctica with the ultimate folding chair for the field. The end result equaled out to be the ultimate folding chair for you, our customer. The Antarctic Chair marries a full-on stainless steel frame with our Ballistic Nylon Mesh for a chair that is rust proof, won’t puddle water and is extremely quick to dry. It won’t matter what type of weather conditions surround you when you are sitting in this quad chair. It is built to last and function time after time.

We have the perfect lounge chair for you this spring and summer. The Lounge Lizard Lounger with Carry Bag by TravelChair is the ultimate lounge chair for you to relax comfortably. This chair has all the portability of a folding quad chair with the added comfort of a full-length lounger. Like a traditional poolside lounger, the Lounge Lizards offer variable reclining positions, full-body support and a cushioned pillow. The Lounge Lizards use lightweight synthetic fabric to create a cooler, more breathable and weather resistant chair. There is a cup holder feature on this lounge chair that will hold your favorite beverage securely. A handy carry sack with a padded handle makes it easy to maneuver. Right now you can save even more money off the sale price when you purchase multiple chairs.

The Big Bubba Quad Chair with Footrest is a great way to relax on a sunny afternoon. This quad chair offers full-length support and has an adjustable footrest that is removable if desired. There is an adjustable head pillow and a cup holder included in this chair. Black, blue, red and green designs are available. Simply pick which color your enjoy the best. Strength and durability are staples behind the TravelChair name. With this chair you will have security in knowing that you are purchasing premium quality.

These are just a few of the large inventory of quad chairs that we offer. You will find that the durability and comfort associated with these chairs will have you relaxing comfortably for hours. With just a few clicks of your mouse you can have your new chair shipped directly to your doorstep. Stop by Everywherechair.com to pick yours up today.