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For ultimate portability and comfort, the Ultimate Portable Folding Stool with Backrest is the ideal chair for you. You will receive a comfortable place to sit with added back support for maximum comfort. The tripod stand gives you a comfortable and balanced chair. This chair includes a built-in shoulder strap that doubles as a Velcro closure strap. Right now you can purchase this folding stool at a great low sale price and be prepared for the upcoming spring season activities.

If you have a hunter in your family, we have the ideal folding stool for you. The Sportsman Cooler Chair by TravelChair is perfect for your loved ones hunting expeditions. This chair offers a wide stance and is 18 inches high. The comfortable backrest will provide you with relaxation all day long. An integrated cooler will offer you a place to keep a lunch or hunting essentials stored away. The camouflage colors on this hunting chair will keep you tucked away discreetly while keeping an eye on your targets. This stool will fold up easily for easy transport and storage.

The spring season will bring a variety of different sporting events for you to attend. No matter if you are watching the little ones play soccer, baseball or softball, those Saturday events can turn into long affairs. The Folding Cooler Stool by TravelChair is the perfect way to spend those sunny weekend days comfortably. You can store your beverages in an insulated cooler tucked away under the seat. This stool is compact, convenient and easy to store. You can choose from the colors blue, black, red or green. This stylish folding stool will have you cheering on your little ones comfortably all day long.

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