It Feels Like Fall Is In The Air

Here in the mountains of North Carolina we get a taste of fall before the folks in lower elevations.  It is a great time to be outside with the lower temperatures and the beauty of the season.  It is a great time to ride my bicycle, too.  For the past 3 years, I have taken part on the Cycle NC Ride Across North Carolina.  About 1000 riders take part in this annual trek across the state, taking 7 days to go from the mountains to the sea.  This year we are starting at the magnificent Biltmore Estate in Asheville and going to Ocean Isle Beach.  It is a supported ride, in that we are allowed two bags of no more than 40 lbs each which are loaded on to trucks in the morning and then dumped at the next campsite.  It is not the perfect system, but is sure beats carrying your own gear! 

Of course, everyone needs a portable chair for sitting around camp at night, and this presents a problem of finding a chair small enough to fit in my bags and lightweight.  This year, I have narrowed it down to a chair from GCI Outdoor with their patented Telescoping Technology.  These are not minimalist chairs that you barely can fit your butt in, but medium to full size chairs with backs and armrests.  The legs ingeniously telescope into themselves to reduce the size by half when folded. 

My favorite, and the one I am going to take with me on the ride, will be the Pico Compact Telescoping Arm Chair by GCI Outdoor.  There was a price reduction on these this year, so at our Sale Price of $109.95 and Free Shipping, it is very reasonably priced for what it is.  As a bonus, the case includes pockets for stashing extra gear and then it hangs over the back of the chair for easy access. 
The other chairs with this technology are priced more modestly, but are still big on comfort and small in size.  The Xpress Lounger, priced at $78.95, is a full featured chair and the Kelsyus Quad Backpack Chair is a more modest chair priced at, $29.95. All of these chairs are perfect for small spaces, but are a little heavier due to the steel construction.  Great for bicyclists with SAG support or to strap on the back of your motorcycle.

Will post later about how the ride went with pictures.  Enjoy the season, get outside and use your body before the cold winds and snows of winter grip us.

From CNC Bike Ride 2009